Guidelines for a Springtime Ayurveda Cleanse


Detox, refresh and restore your body. Improve digestion, energy and vitality.

Between March and June is the optimal time to do an annual cleanse.  Below is information about why to cleanse and what's involved. 

Benefits: removes stagnation, blocked channels, heaviness, lethargy, no appetite, sluggish elimination, distaste, bloating, gas, nausea, fever, inflammation and more.

Guidelines for an Ayurveda cleanse

Why Cleanse?  Ayurveda is the ancient science of life and wisdom.  It’s goal is to help us live life with health, happiness, peace, and have a quality long life.  An annual cleanse is done in the Spring. There is no difference between nature and human.  The forces of nature ruled by the elements are the same forces that makes up human existence.  All resources to heal and live a long healthy happy life are in Nature. Ayurveda relies on these resources to bring balance.  Any material, energy and principle that disturbs the mind/body function is a toxin.  This can be improper food, negativity, breath, environment, lifestyle, water, air, metabolic waste, cellular waste and more.

The build-up of toxins and Ayurveda

The build-up of toxins, or undigested material, ends up stored in our cells, circulatory and microcirculatory channels, slowing everything down and gumming everything up, including the digestive and elimination processes. The Ayurvedic solution is this: given an opportunity, the body will detox naturally – it's built to do that.

Ayurveda diet adjustments for a cleanse

Adjusting your diet to eating simply for the three weeks of cleanse is necessary.  No sugar, meat, alcohol, dairy, caffeine, processed foods, preservatives, and very low carbohydrates.  An Ayurveda cleanse is a purification process to completely remove toxic material, energy, and principles at the ROOT cause that disturbs the harmony of the mind/body function.  In addition, it removes excess dosha stuck in the body systems.  An example of excess Pitta can show up as inflammation in the body tissues, thoughts, behavior, emotions, etc. 

Why Spring is the best time to cleanse

Winter is cold and intense, the body’s systems naturally want to protect and shield to protect internal heat from escaping.  That internal heat causes hunger and tends to create stagnation, build-up, sluggishness and weight gain.  In the Spring cold starts to melt and the accumulation and sluggishness creates a very weak state and imbalance within the body’s physiology.  Doing a cleanse purifies and helps the body clear away toxins and the stagnation of Winter for the whole year.

Ayurvedic foods for cleanse

Ayurveda perfect food for cleanse is called Kitchari and a food list for vegetables and spices can be added.  Purchase mung bean (dal), basmati rice, fresh vegetables and fruit, fresh coriander, ginger and your specific herbs for your dosha, other spices cumin, turmeric, and fennel.  A notebook for journaling during the cleanse helps process mental and emotional toxins.


Ayurveda cleanse Stage 1

Days 1-7: Digestive herbs 

Days 8-14 Oleation 

Days 8-14 ghee with herbs (ghee increases by 2 tsp with each day) and external oil application. You can schedule a treatment for external oleation and self-application of oil is necessary 

Day 15 Sudation

NO GHEE (sweating in an infrared sauna, hot shower, steam or bath etc.)

Ayurveda cleanse Stage 2

Day 16 Internal Cleansing and Elimination

This is different for each person (You will be guided through this once you complete the first phase)

Ayurveda cleanse Stage 3

Days 17-21 Post cleansing rejuvenation 

1 or 2 days of liquid diet and other food adjustments with slow gradual reintroduction of food. Digestive herbs may be needed to reset the digestion and a special tea with ginger, cinnamon and clove.  Schedule 1 or more nurturing massages during this phase.  Massage and body work will support easy flow of energy. After the cleansing and elimination, you will do gentle yoga, stretching and exercise like yin, or restorative yoga to restore energy. Some nutritive herbs may be needed at this phase that will be assessed at the time.     

 The week after the cleanse

For the week after the cleanse take time to rest and recover.  Go slow with reintroduction of foods, and exercise.  Your body is more sensitive at this time.  The longer you give your body to heal and recover the more it will withstand poor food choices in the future.  Try and maintain healthy choices to maintain the benefits of the cleanse throughout the year.

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