Ayurvedic Medicine: A Spring Cleanse and How You Can Benefit


There is still time to do a cleanse.  Why is a cleanse important?  

Think of pipes in your house and when debris builds, they clog. It can become a huge problem.  Debris "Toxins" accumulate in the body as well from the environment, the food we eat, medications, stress and other factors.  

A cleanse creates a clean slate for the body.  You will feel great after because you have literally cleaned out debris.  The body can function at optimal capacity.  

Some Ayurvedic Health Benefits Include:

  • Weight loss - it is almost guaranteed you will lose weight when you do a cleanse

  • Clarity of the Mind - removes foggy or sluggish mind

  • Clears the skin and eyes - the skin and eyes will be bright and glowing

  • Improved Digestion - symptoms like gas, bloating, heart burn, nausea often go away

  • Restful Sleep - sleep improves and you feel more rested overall

  • Increased Energy - improves energy levels & you have more for what you want to do

Here are a couple basics to remove help you get your Ayurvedic cleanse started. 

  • For 21 days removed known toxins such as Sugar, Gluten and grains, Heavy meats, Dairy, Processed foods (that is everything in a package), additives/preservatives, alcohol, caffeine.  

  • Eat your evening meal no later then 6:30pm to the best of your ability.

To learn or understand if a cleanse is appropriate for your constitution and current situation please set up an Ayurvedic consulation appointment with Marie at 775-287-0909.

Hopefully this information is helpful and you can help the body be efficient and happy for a life lived well!  Quality of Life is completely based on life style and diet.  You are not just what you eat but rather what you digest. Make it easier for the body to digest by doing a cleanse before summer comes.

Discover Ayurvedic Medicine and your Dosha

For diet, life-style and routines that are right for you, make an Ayurvedic appointment today.  The knowledge you gain is long-lasting and will improve your quality of life. 

To learn more contact Marie Harger AHP - Ayurvedic Health Practitioner.

Laura Levin