4 Thanksgiving Holiday Tips to Improve Digestion During the Food Festivities

Below are four habits that can support better digestion.  The difference in the Ayurvedic Medicine approach (compared to traditional medical treatments) is in pacifying the internal aggravating factors that are causing imbalance thus simultaneously addressing symptoms.  


1. Eat to 75% full and no more. 

Overeating during Thanksgiving dinner is tempting and in fact is a common occurrence for many of us. However overeating causes sluggish digestion, heaviness, sleepiness, nausea, and waking in the night and in extreme cases vomiting.  

2. Slow down and chew your food.

Slow down and chew your food completely 20 to 30 chews per bite.  This makes digestion easier and more efficient.  It also allows the stomach brain connection to signal when you have reached full.

3. Do not talk while eating. 

Talking and eating at the same time can cause air to be swallowed, food not to be chewed properly and choking.  Swallowing air contributes to gas and bloating.

4. Eat raw foods last. 

Eat vegetables, raw foods such as salads last. Raw food is harder to digest and can cause bloating, gas and constipation.  Eating them at the end of the meal allows digestive juices and enzymes to break down all the food properly.  If you have any digestive issues eat cooked vegetables only.

More About Ayurveda 

Ayurveda wants to get to the root of the problem and this is done by working with the elements, which become the internal aggravating factors. What you eat and how you eat either brings harmony or imbalance to your body.  Pacifying the elements causing the disturbance creates health and well-being this is a key principle in Ayurveda.

To learn more contact Marie Harger AHP - Ayurvedic Health Practitioner.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Laura Levin