An Ayurveda Story: Three Roommates Vata, Pitta and Kapha go to the Movies

What we typically call personality can be seen as elements playing out within us. Vata represents the qualities of ether and air. Pitta is mostly fire and Kapha water and earth.  Below is story about people with different doshas to provide an example of the Elements in our personalities at play.

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An Ayurveda Story: Three Roommates Vata, Pitta and Kapha go to the Movies

Victor Vata, Peter Pitta and Karl Kapha are roommates and decide to go to a movie together on a Friday night.  Peter Pitta spent the week researching all the best movies and after viewing every available trailer and movie times choose a movie, purchased the tickets and organized the time of departure of 30 minutes before the movie was to start.  This allowed them to do the ten-minute drive and get into their seats in plenty of time.  It was always important for Peter Pitta to be on time. 

On that Friday about an hour before departure Peter Pitta notifies everyone to be ready in 30 minutes and then hurried to get dressed into the clothes he had laid out earlier that morning.  He then went through his check list of things to get done when leaving the house, such as making sure his phone was charged, the dog was out, the porch light was turned on, and no dishes were left in the sink.

Victor Vata was busy trying to find his favorite shirt and a pair of matching socks in the laundry, running up and down the hall getting distracted by a Youtube video that was completely inspiring and while remembering he left the water running in the bathroom.  With another quick scuttle down the hall to the bathroom Victor Vata turns off the running water and frantically tries to get ready.  Victor Vata tries to multi-task by styling his hair, brushing his teeth and putting on his favorite shirt all at the same time.  Unfortunately, he spills toothpaste on his shirt and now has to take it off, clean it and dry it with a blow dryer before putting it back on.  Even though Victor Vata is in constant motion, he can’t seem to get anything complete.

Karl Kapha is just waking from a nap on the couch when he hears “Get ready.”  He slowly gets up in nothing but his underwear and meanders into the kitchen to get something to eat.  After staring at the refrigerator for 10 minutes (Peter Pitta is cleaning the dishes in the sink) he finally decides to make a sandwich.  Without changing his drowsy body’s position, he leans back and sideways to reach for the bread on the counter top, grabs all the necessary condiments, deli meat, 3 types of cheese, and sloppily carries them over to the kitchen table.  At snail’s pace, he makes his sandwich.

It is now departure time, 30 minutes before the movie starts.  Peter Pitta quickly runs through the house notifying everyone he is starting the car.  Victor Vata runs behind Peter Pitta to the car and jumps into the back seat where he looks up and sun hits him in the eyes. He jumps back out of the car to run into the house and retrieve his sunglasses.

In the kitchen Karl Kapha has finished making his sandwich and is sitting down to enjoy it.  He hears Victor Vata slam the front door and scurry around the house clearly looking for something.  Victor Vata yells to Karl Kapha, “We’re leaving! The car is running!” and then the door shuts again as he heads back out the door.

Once in the car Victor Vata sees that Peter Pitta has a posture of frustration and upset.  Victor Vata searchers around for his wallet and realizes he left it in the house and again, jumps out of the car and heads back into the house to hunt for it.  Karl Kapha is enjoying is last bites of sandwich and Victor Vata yells from the other side of the house with urgency in his voice, “Peter Pitta is getting upset we need to go!”

Victor Vata runs back out to the car and he sits in a quiet silence with Peter Pitta whose face has started to turn red.  In that moment, Victor Vata remembers he forgot to get the mail and is expecting an important letter, so jumps back out of the car and down the street to the neighborhood mailbox.  This is a bit relief since Peter Pitta is now intensely and loudly talking to himself about being late.

It is now 15 mins before the movie is supposed to start and Peter Pitta is impatiently waiting alone in the running car.  He starts honking the horn.  Victor Vata gets back with mail in hand and with a sigh throws himself down in the back seat eager to go through the mail.  Karl Kapha finally comes out the front door in a pair of sweats with a shirt, flip flops and a bowl of ice cream in his hands.   He stands at the car door full hands unable to open it.  Peter Pitta reaches across the seat and opens the door for him.  

Peter Pitta’s talking to himself as now become yelling at his roommates. Relaxed Karl Kapha tells Peter Pitta “Ah, it’s all good there’s always 15 minutes of previews before the actual movie starts.  Reversing and with a screech of the tires he speeds off road raging the whole way to the movies.  
They drive for 7 minutes and get into their seats with 1 minute to spare before the movie starts. Peter Pitta is pissed off, Victor Vata fidgets in his seat trying to get comfortable, and Karl Kapha leans back slowly into a lounge position.

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