Mudra Yoga Practice and Walking Meditation

Mudra Yoga Practice and Walking Meditation

Last August I held a special Yoga practice at Bartley Ranch for using Mudras and doing a walking meditation.  Below is some basic information about Mudras and why this will be a practice you will want to try.

What is a Mudra?

Through the technique of mudras - positions of the hand or gestures creating a seal – certain states or processes of consciousness can be obtained.  If practiced regularly mudras can free a person from limitations caused by fear, illness or disease, lack of confidence and more.  Mudras engage certain areas of the brain and soul by having a corresponding influence on them.  They influence the mind and body connection.  Hand mudras can be used with physical postures to intensify their effect. 

Seal with Inner Forces

Mudras like bandhas create a lock and seal with the inner forces.  Certain gestures can positively influence the psyche.  Mudras can be used for complaints of all aspects of the human existence (physical, mental, emotional, energetic).

Mudras breathing techniques

To enhance Mudras breathing techniques, visualizations and affirmations can be used.  For example, to lengthen the pause after inhaling and exhaling inner powers can be developed on all levels.

If you have questions about this practice please email or call.  I look forward to sharing this profound practice with you all.



Laura Levin